Moving the Needle

The Pragmatist's Guide to Climate Change
Teaching Slides

Book: Ivo Welch and Bradford Cornell
Slides: Ivo Welch

The slides will be updated throughout 2022. They have been used but are neither fully debugged nor error-free. They are better considered still experimental. (They also no longer reflect the latest chapter organization, but the next edition's.)

The slides come in various formats. The base format are the markdown source slides. Both beamer and powerpoint slides are generated from these markdown slides. (One could also use html slidy to create html output if so desired.) The idea is that instructors should only have to work with the format that they prefer and ignore the others. For example, instructors who want to use powerpoint (not me) can fork (download) the powerpoint version. The actual contents is the same across all formats. All the graphic figures used in the slides are also linked.

Instructors should be prepared to make their own changes to these slides. Modification is important here, because instructors may not agree with everything that we are writing, so they may need to add their own alternatives, remarks, comments, etc.

I hereby grant permission for others to use and modify these slides. Please acknowledge the origind. Of course, the slides work best in conjunction with the textbook itself—and because this is free for now, students should love it.


pdf = beamer. tex = LuaLaTeX. md = markdown. pptx = powerpoint

You can download and edit the LaTeX preamble or pptx with your own for different themes, etc.